New Plants We are Seeding This Season

Feb 2017 Hazelwood Herb Farm Miner's lettuce popping up as the snow melts.

Feb 2017 Hazelwood Herb Farm
Miner’s lettuce popping up as the snow melts.

Well it is starting all over again, there is still snow on the ground, but the  seeds  are here and it is time get everything started so they are ready for spring plant sales. Here are a few of the “new to us” plants I am going to start this season.  Continue reading


200 Years of Botanical Illustrations – Curtis’s Botanical Magazine

Amazing, I just bumped into this on-line exhibit at the USDA National Agricultural Library with botanical illustrations from the Curtis Botanical Magazine, worth a look ! Many of your herbal favorites are captured in beautiful colour illustrations.

First published in 1787 as the “The Botanical Magazine” by William Curtis it continues to be published as ” Curtis’s Botanical Magazine” by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Searching for more information, I found the subscription information page    for the current issues and a collection of 54 back issues on a DVD at Ebay. You may also purchase articles from the Wiley Library Online for the issues from 1984 t0 2015.

|I could not find anything specifically to do with the Curtis’s Botanical at the The Vancouver Island Regional Library, however this book looks really interesting, The golden age of flowers : botanical illustration in the age of discovery 1600-1800 / Celia Fisher and hey ! if you would like a new project that will get you out into the garden more often, this book (also at VIRL ) might be the one……. Botanical illustration course.

Finally, probably the first place I should of looked….. Pinterest






Borage – Nature’s Best Stress Tonic Reblog from Di-Di Hoffman

Borage Flower - Source Wikimedia Commons

Borage Flower – Source Wikimedia Commons

I have decided to step off Vancouver Island and start looking for interesting people, plants and herbal places all around the world…… first stop South Africa.

Here is a great article by Di-Di Hoffman of the SA Herb Academy on Borage.

Borage – Nature’s Best Stress Tonic

You blog visitors show up from all over the world ! If you have a favorite Herb, Herb Farm, or Herbal News from your country, leave a comment with a link.

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