Book Review – “A Gardener’s Guide to Frost” by Philip Harnden

Photo by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK

Photo by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK

Another fall/winter activity for Plant Growers in the off season…. reading.

“A Gardener’s Guide to Frost” by Philip Harnden ( ISBN 1-57223-576-4 ) is flowing, wonderful to read book with lots of great frosty garden pictures. Covering a complete set of topics exploring a vegetable gardener’s relationship to frost including interesting chapters on Forecasting Frost, Fending Off Frost, and a listing of Frost Tolerant Garden Vegetables.

For those of us on Vancouver Island, “A Gardener’s Guide to Frost” is in the VIRL book collection.


Energy Efficient Landscaping


To keep myself busy while waiting to return to my greenhouse plant growing job in February, I have been studying various green home energy ideas for passive solar home heating. The colder than normal winter we are experiencing on Vancouver Island  has been very motivating!

While reading the book “The Carbon Busters ¬†Energy Handbook ” by Godo Stoyke I found an interesting reference to increasing the energy efficiency of your home using landscaping, particularly the idea of planting evergreen trees around the north side of your home ” can reduce your heating bill by 10% or more by reducing cold wind from reaching your house and removing heat through convection.”

Sounds good to me ! Selecting shade trees to reduce summer air conditioning requirements are less on a concern on the west coast, but also a consideration.

If this subject interests you this will get you moving in the right direction…

Energy Saving Landscaping Infographic