Hello !

An avid backyard fruit and vegetable gardener since 1981.
I currently work as a Horticulturalist on a small farm on
Vancouver Island that grows an absolutely amazing
number of different medicinal and culinary herbs.

Most plants are propagated from divisions, cuttings
or collected seed taken from the farm’s demonstration
garden. Then grown on using organic growing practices.

I have set up this blog to keep track of interesting plants,
horticultural news and knowledge as it happens on the
farm and anywhere else it pops up.

For me, every day is an incredible plant adventure,
and I would like to use this blog to include you in it.

If you enjoy reading my weekly postings on this blog…

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* Contact me directly via the contact form.

Cheers !

Brian Richardson
Cobble Hill BC

PS: My horticulture job here in Canada runs for the northern hemisphere plant growing season – February to June. I am interested in finding a plant growing job in the southern hemisphere for August to November, say for example in South America, Australia or New Zealand, so I may grow plants all year round.  Please contact me if you have any information on this subject.


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