Winter Hardwood Cutting Experiment Part 1


WInter Hardwood Cuttings December 2016

Every season I do hundreds of softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings during the spring and summer.This fall I decided to try some hardwood cuttings. The plants I selected were  Fig ,Contorted Hazel, Thimbleberry, Yew, Lilac, Salmonberry, Mulberry, Various Lavenders, Dogwood, Huckleberry, Ginko, Forsythia, Russian Sage, Honeysuckle, Bayberry, Sea Buckthorn, Vitex, Kinnicinic, and  Grapes. Cuttings were made after leaf drop in December and were kept in a “just above freezing” greenhouse. I will do a follow up in May and report back which ones rooted.


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