Weekend Reader – Fall Herbal Teas, More Vitamins From Your Vegetables, a Herb Podcast and a Wasp from 1914

Stonecrop, Mount Arrowsmith October 2016

Stonecrop, Mount Arrowsmith October 2016

Happy middle of October, this week everyone seems to be planting garlic,  collecting leaves, and dodging raindrops.

I found this article in the  good old Mother Earth News Four Herbal teas for Autumn .

Always on the lookout for interesting “functional food” information, I found this article at Treehugger – Vegetables that are better cooked than Raw. I really like the tag line for the Treehugger site “decadence through simplicity “.

If you have to do a long drive or are looking for something to listen too while raking the leaves, check this out out A Way to Garden Podcast on Herbs.

Since I work on a small herb farm on Vancouver Island , looking for other small herb farms around the world is a hobby of mine, here is one that is also on an island – Herb Farm on the Island of Tasmania.

For the science and bug loving crowd here is a story about  a wasp species that hasn’t been seen since 1914 – Weird Science Topic – the wasp is back.