News – Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

My first horticulture job was working a market garden in Victoria, where as part of my duties I had to look after 5000 tomato starts in 4″ pots until they were sold to home gardeners or transplanted into hoop houses on the farm. Just seeing a picture of a tomato reminds me of that job.

It is just about time to start seeding tomatoes, so as an incentive for you to get started here is an article on the Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes.


2 thoughts on “News – Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

  1. I love tomatoes and nothing better than homegrown! I usually find myself picking and eating them right off the vine while I’m tending to the garden. Your post has me looking forward to what’s to come this year! 🙂

  2. Well that was a good news post seeing as I eat a ton of tomatoes. My soil and seeds are sitting here waiting to be started.

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