News – Aquaculture From “Grass Roots” to the World Bank

Not that long ago Aquaculture used to be a bunch of re-purposed 55 gallon drums merged with a creative home grown plumbing project under the benches of a backyard greenhouse. Now even the World bank is getting into the act.

With the world’s population predicted to increase to 9 billion people by 2050 – particularly in areas that have high rates of food insecurity – aquaculture, if responsibly developed and practiced, can make a significant contribution to global food security and economic growth,”

( Árni M. Mathiesen, Assistant Director-General of FAO’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Department )

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Borage – Nature’s Best Stress Tonic Reblog from Di-Di Hoffman

Borage Flower - Source Wikimedia Commons

Borage Flower – Source Wikimedia Commons

I have decided to step off Vancouver Island and start looking for interesting people, plants and herbal places all around the world…… first stop South Africa.

Here is a great article by Di-Di Hoffman of the SA Herb Academy on Borage.

Borage – Nature’s Best Stress Tonic

You blog visitors show up from all over the world ! If you have a favorite Herb, Herb Farm, or Herbal News from your country, leave a comment with a link.

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News – Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

My first horticulture job was working a market garden in Victoria, where as part of my duties I had to look after 5000 tomato starts in 4″ pots until they were sold to home gardeners or transplanted into hoop houses on the farm. Just seeing a picture of a tomato reminds me of that job.

It is just about time to start seeding tomatoes, so as an incentive for you to get started here is an article on the Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes.

Vancouver Island Herb and Vegetable Seed 2015 Resource Kit

Source - Wikimedia

Source – Wikimedia

Get ready for another great year of vegetable and herb growing on Vancouver Island. Here is a collection of links to help you get started !

1) Seedy Saturday 2015 Calendar

The first thing you need to know is when the “Seedy Saturday” seed exchange and sale is coming to your community.

Listing of Seedy Saturdays and Sundays on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands for 2015

2) A Listing of Local Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands Seed Suppliers

Cortez Island Green Space Organic Seeds

Parksville Organic Blue Farms

Parksville Sugar Shack Seeds

Saltspring Island Eagleridge Seeds

Saltspring Island Saltspring Seeds

Sooke Full Circle Seeds

Victoria Two Wings Farm

Victoria Brother Nature Seeds

3) Indoor and Outdoor Seed Sowing Dates

Once all of your seeds arrive, check out the  West Coast Seeds Planting Charts to determine the best time to sow them.

Another great resource for herb and vegetable planting is the Gardenate monthly calendar, simply select your gardening climatic zone to get a month by month sowing and transplanting calendar. You can even subscribe to Gardenate and have regular planting reminders E-mailed to you.

4) Seed Sowing Tips

Check out Eagle RIdge Farms Seeding for Success and the Organic Gardening article 14 Simple Tips for Starting Seeds to review the basics of sowing seeds.

5) Just for Fun

While you are waiting for your seeds to germinate, check out this 30 second time lapse seed germination video.

Thanks for dropping by! Please let me know of any other Vancouver Island & Gulf Island seed suppliers that I can add to the list by leaving a comment in the reply box at the very bottom of this post.