Happy World Vegetarian Day !

When I am not growing plants at work, I grow vegetables at home. Here are some pictures of what is happening in my home hoop house today.

Fall greens waiting to be transplanted into beds.

Fall greens waiting to be transplanted into beds.

Fall romaine lettuce.

Fall romaine lettuce.

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More Information on World Vegitarian Day


4 thoughts on “Happy World Vegetarian Day !

  1. Are you transplanting these into beds outside or in a greenhouse? The west coast growing season is so different from the rest of Canada.

    • I have a bed of fall greens outside , but these ones will go into raised beds inside the single poly unheated hoop house. They stop growing due to low light levels about mid November, most years they make it through the winter and then start putting out new growth in mid February. To help moderate the temperature inside the hoop house I have 15 – 45 gallon drums filled with water, also I’ll pitch some frost cloth over the plants when the outside temperatures drop below -5C for a bit of extra protection.

      • Thanks for the information. I am still trying to figure out the growing season on Pender, plus we are only there part of the time which adds to the challenges. I am obviously too late to start greens for this fall, but I am certainly going to try it for next year.

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