Herb Bennet

I was lucky to photograph this Herb Bennet or Avens (Geum urbanum) with both the flower and seed head present in the back of one of our greenhouses. This ancient medicinal herb has clove scented roots and is still used in herbal medicine.


Joe Pye Weed, Fuzzy History and the Internet

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Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium maculatum) is often quoted as being named after a native American medicine man, a fact that is replicated across the internet many times, and it is a great story…. but is it true ?

Here is an article that really digs into the facts of the Joe Pye Weed story so you may decide for yourself. Joe Pye the Name Behind the Legend

Medicine man or no medicine man, I just like this tall late summer blooming plant as an ornamental.

Monkshood and a List of Other Harmful Plants


Monkshood ( Aconitum napellus ) can be deadly to animals and humans. This member of the buttercup family ( Ranunculacea ) contains aconitine, which is one of the most toxic plant compounds known. ( Ref. Encyclopdedia of Herbs and Their Uses, Deni Brown ) It is often called the Queen of poisons. In fact many common garden plants can be toxic to pets and/or people. For a list of potentially harmful plants checkout RHS harmful plants.