When it Comes to Anise Grandmom Knows Best

When it Comes to Anise Grandmom Knows Best

The end of June signals the wind down of plant sales at the farm nursery. Memories of the crazy-busy days of madly labeling plants and wheeling them to the sales area fade away into the summer heat. Customers still drop by for the occasional perennial plant like a Rosemary or a Lavender to fill an empty garden spot, or to browse through the Scented Geraniums or check out the summer blooming Bee Balms and Sages but for annuals like this Anise plant “the gig is up ” . Anise is a wonderful flavoring, especially for cookies, so I have decided to save a few plants in the back of the greenhouse and wait for these blooms to transform into the tasty seeds. Then it’s time get baking !