Sweet Cicley, Seed Collecting and a Seed Germination Database

Sweet Cicley, Seed Collecting and a Seed Germination Database

This time of year seed collection is added to my farm work day things to do list. These Sweet Cicely seeds are not mature enough to collect yet, but they sure taste good !
Anyone who has tried to start herb plants from seed quickly finds out that some are easy to germinate but some can be quite difficult ! Special tricks are sometimes required to mimic nature such as cooling the seed for a period of time called stratification or mechanically disrupting the seed coat a process called scarification. Fire, the digestive tracts of various animals,humidity,temperature and light levels can also play a role. If you are having difficulty germinating a specific seed, this resource my help you, it is information from an out of print “Thompson & Morgan Successful Seed Raising Guide” and it appears to be quite detailed. http://www.backyardgardener.com/tm1.html
Well am off to work to see if any new plants have germinated last night.