Pinks and Mythological Creatures

Clove Pinks

Blooming this week on the farm …. Pinks ( Dianthus sp.) have been a popular garden plant since at least medieval times. Check out this painting “The Unicorn in Captivity” from 1505. Pinks are an attractive ornamental, culinary and medicinal plant. Click on the photo and head down under to find an excellent in-depth article on Pinks by Penny Woodward.


Let me guide you down the garden path.

Let me guide you down the garden path.

Here is a snap shot of the Calendula bed located in the public area of the farm highlighting one of our many bilingual information signs. The self guided farm tour of the herb demonstration garden is very popular with visitors.

Kidney Vetch

Kidney Vetch
I found this surprise flower last week near the Lavender garden. Anthyllis vulneraria spp. also known as Woundwort most commonly has yellow flowers. We have this showy sub species growing on the farm. Like many members of the pea family it has a symbiotic relationship with certain soil bacteria contained in root nodules that fix atmospheric nitrogen into a form of nitrogen that can be used by plants.

Arnica – Sun Powered Medicine

Sun Powered Medicine

“Arnica has been used for centuries to treat bruises, arthritis and other inflammations.”(ref Thomas J. Elpel Botany in a Day 5th Ed 2010 ) . We grow a large bed of Arnica chamissonis on the farm. The flowers are harvested and used to produce a solar infused oil which forms the foundation for many herbal products. Click on the photo to read a wonderful summary of various solar infused oils.



The first day back to work after the weekend always brings lots of new surprises… what seeds have germinated ? have the cuttings rooted ? and what has started blooming ? The blooming Bistort ( Polygonum bistorta ) in the demonstration garden was my welcome back to work this week.